Freedom & Friendship

Life, Liberation & Legacy of the Netherlands Campaign

Join us in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands

Humanitarian efforts of Canadian soldiers during the liberation of the Netherlands reduced civilian suffering and created a strong friendship between the Dutch and Canadians that has endured for 75 years.

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Meet the Team

The Master of Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto was created in 1970 and is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is the only English-speaking master’s program of its kind in Canada. The program prides itself on mixing theory with practical experience and placing cultural heritage institutions within a broader international context.

Instead of a traditional thesis, Master candidates from the Museum Studies Program complete an exhibition project with a partner institution. This project gives candidates firsthand experience in planning and executing a museum-based venture.

Amelia DeWolfe

BA, History & Archaeology, University of Toronto, 2018

Anne-Julie Hurtubise

BA, History & Classical Studies, Laurentian University, 2018

Samuel Richardson

BA, Anthropology, Trent University, 2018

Jessica Stevenson

BA, History, Carleton University, 2017

The Royal Canadian Military Institute

About the RCMI

The Royal Canadian Military Institute was founded as a private club, library, and museum in 1890. Today, the RCMI prides itself on caring for a world-renowned collection of military artifacts and curating a selection of exhibitions to educate its members and the general public on Canadian military history. The RCMI is hosting our exhibition in their 6th floor display case. Artifacts from the RCMI’s collection will feature in the exhibition.

About the Exhibition

May 5, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands. Canadians played a pivotal role in not only the military campaign to achieve this, but in restoring infrastructure and offering humanitarian aid to Dutch civilians while doing so. Our exhibition aims to explore these actions, and the resulting 75 year friendship between Canada and the Netherlands.

Our exhibition consists of three thematic sections: occupation, liberation, and admiration. Occupation will explore the conditions of Dutch civilians under German occupation prior to the Liberation campaign. Liberation will consider the humanitarian actions of Canadians during the military campaign. Admiration will note the various ways the Liberation has been celebrated and commemorated over the last 75 years. The exhibition will include a variety of artifacts demonstrating both the equipment and resources distributed to Dutch civilians by Canadians, as well as souvenirs and tokens of appreciation given by the Dutch to Canadian troops.

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